Updated: March 15, 2019

Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire Black

Fitbit Inspire is the successor to the Fitbit Alta, and adds waterproofing, a touchscreen and physical button, and the ability to get all smartphone notifications.

Here is Fitbit’s official video introducing the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR:


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Accessory Bands

Fitbit Inspire Features and Specs

 Fitbit Inspire Black
Fitbit Inspire
Release DateMarch 2019
Smartphone CompatibilityAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone
Battery LifeUp to 5 days
Hardware FeaturesFitbit Inspire
Interchangeable Bandsgreen check
Heart Ratered x
External Heart Rate Strap Connectionred x
Waterproofgreen check
GPSred x
Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Connectionred x
Music Storage & Playbackred x
Paymentsred x
Relative SpO2 Sensorred x
Display FeaturesFitbit Inspire
Displays Time of Daygreen check
Customizable Clock FacesLimited Selection
3rd Party Clock Facesred x
Always-on Displayred x
Color Displayred x
Touchscreengreen check
Adjustable Brightnessred x
Fitbit TodayBasic
View Fitbit Leaderboardred x
View Sleep Durationred x
View Female Health Statred x
All-Day ActivityFitbit Inspire
Stepsgreen check
Distancegreen check
Total Calories Burnedgreen check
Active Minutesgreen check
Floors Climbedred x
Exercise FeaturesFitbit Inspire
Automatic Exercise Detectiongreen check
Multi-Sport Exercise Trackingred x
Goal Based Exercise Trackingred x
Customizable Data Fields During Exercisered x
Customizable Alerts During Exercisered x
Post-Workout On-Screen Summariesred x
Minutes in Heart Rate Zonesred x
On-Screen Workoutsred x
Cardio Fitness Levelred x
Pool Swimminggreen check
Open Water Swimmingred x
Sleep FeaturesFitbit Inspire
Automatic Sleep Detectiongreen check
Basic Sleep Trackinggreen check
Resting Heart Ratered x
Silent Alarmgreen check
Sleep Stagesred x
Sleep Schedulegreen check
Bedtime Remindergreen check
Sleep Insightsgreen check
Sleep Score Betared x
Smart FeaturesFitbit Inspire
Call Notificationsgreen check
Accept or Reject Callsred x
Text Notificationsgreen check
Quick Text Repliesred x
Calendar Notificationsgreen check
Smartphone App Notificationsgreen check
Basic AppsTimer, Stopwatch
Weather Appred x
3rd Party Appsred x
Smartphone Music Playback Controlred x
Wellness FeaturesFitbit Inspire
Hourly Activitygreen check
Reminders to Movegreen check
Guided Breathingred x
Female Health TrackingAvailable in app
Water LoggingAvailable in app
Food LoggingAvailable in app
Weight LoggingAvailable in app
Social FeaturesFitbit Inspire
FriendsAvailable in app
GroupsAvailable in app
FeedAvailable in app
ChallengesAvailable in app
Solo AdventuresAvailable in app
Adventure RacesAvailable in app
Where to BuyFitbit Inspire
FitbitBuy at Fitbit
AmazonBuy at Amazon