Fitbit Halloween Sale (October 2018)

Fitbit Sale 2018

Fitbit is having a sale right now and you can save up to $50 on select trackers and get 50% off select accessory bands.

It’s not officially called the Halloween sale, but the trackers are on sale through October 27 and the accessory bands are on sale through October 31.

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Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is Fitbit’s first smartwatch and the one to get if you’ve got your heart set on a Fitbit with built-in GPS.

Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition

The Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition comes with an exclusive sports band, an exclusive clock face, and exclusive running workouts with step-by-step coaching.

Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta is Fitbit’s slimmest fitness tracker with a text display. It’s a cheap way to get started tracking your steps and sleep, but it does not track heart rate.

Fitbit Alta Special Edition

The Fitbit Alta Special Edition comes with a 22k gold plated tracker and clasp.

Fitbit Ace

The Fitbit Ace is Fitbit’s first and only fitness tracker for kids 8+.

Fitbit Charge 2 Classic Bands

The Fitbit Charge 2 Classic Bands are great if you want a different color band than you originally got with your tracker, or if you need to replace a band.

Fitbit Blaze Leather Bands

The Fitbit Blaze Leather Bands are a great upgrade when you want to look more stylish, but they aren’t intended to be used during exercise.

Fitbit Flex 2 Classic Bands

The Fitbit Flex 2 Classic Bands come in 6 different colors. You can buy them individually or they also come in packs of 3 (as shown in the picture above).

Fitbit Flex 2 Pendant

The Fitbit Flex 2 Pendant transform your tracker into elegant jewelry.

Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle

The Fitbit Flex 2 Bangle transform your tracker into beautiful jewelry.

Public School Paracord Bracelet

For Fitbit Alta and Alta HR

The Public School Paracord Bracelet fits both the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Alta HR trackers, but heart rate tracking might not work with this accessory.

Public School Axis

For Fitbit Alta and Alta HR

The Public School Axis works with both the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Alta HR trackers.


Some of Fitbit’s products are available at a discount right now. Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, you can take advantage of the following deals:


Offer ends October 27, 2018 at 11:59pm PDT

50% off Accessory Bands